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The Nike Dunk Low Pro SB "Gulf" is a visually striking sneaker that pays homage to the iconic racing livery of the Gulf Oil sponsorship seen in the motorsport world. Released in early 2021, this sneaker captures the attention with its vibrant color scheme, primarily featuring the recognizable light blue and orange hues associated with Gulf Oil's racing cars. The design incorporates a smooth, light blue suede upper, contrasted with orange leather Swooshes on each side, and white midsoles that add a crisp, clean finish to the look.

This model also includes details that nod to skateboarding culture and functionality, such as a padded tongue and Zoom Air cushioning for added comfort and support. The colorway not only resonates with sneaker enthusiasts for its bold and bright appearance but also appeals to motorsport fans due to its nostalgic reference. The Nike Dunk Low Pro SB "Gulf" blends sports heritage with streetwear style, making it a distinctive and popular choice among various sneaker communities.